relics_03Onion Cellar reliquary
relics_04Onion Cellar reliquary
relics_05Summer reliquary
relics_06Summer reliquary
relics_07Me(a)nder reliquary
relics_08Me(a)nder reliquary
relics_09A Nail, a Knife, & a Needle reliquary
relics_10A Nail, a Knife, & a Needle reliquary
relics_11A Nail, a Knife, & a Needle reliquary
relics_12Noted Artists reliquary
relics_13Noted Artists reliquary
relics_14Nail Soup reliquary
relics_15Nail Soup reliquary
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These reliquaries explore an alternative way to document performance. Many of the performances represented are inspired by stories, and the portrayal of these performances are yet another story, another layer. These sculptures use physical remains to expand from their origin – experimenting with what happens to live-art after an event.
For information on the original performances:
A Nail, a Knife, & a Needle
Onion Cellar
Nail Soup
I have also been using the relic mythos to stage processions and reenactments. The first reenactment was The Onion Procession.