An Ode to the Orange Kitties – new zine


I have a new zine. It is the first as part of my new project. I’m making a new zine every month. I’m also reviewing a zine from my collection every month. Where this will lead I am not entirely sure – but I’m interested in how zine culture promotes people sharing their stories – stories that are underrepresented in mainstream history.

Here is the .pdf of the zine so you can give it a read: Zine

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Nail Soup redux


My latest body of work has been exploring various ways to document performance. Many of my performances are inspired by stories that are told, and the documentation of these performances are yet another story, another layer. I presented a series of reliquaries at the RSA’s New Contemporaries, and the Fleming Gallery’s New Scottish Artists exhibition in 2014. These sculptures use the physical remains from my performances to expand from their origin. By utilizing the relic mythos I was able to present a new performance – The Onion Procession. I really enjoyed the concept of a reenactment performance and am exploring this theme further.

I was awarded a New Graduate Award with the Society of Scottish Artists and was part of their annual exhibition at the RSA in December. I created a new work, Nail Soup redux, based on the performance from my degree show. Nail Soup, also known as stone soup, axe soup, and bone button borscht, is a children’s fable found in many cultures. It tackles the theme of food scarcity and the importance of community. The original performance was a celebration of the Dundee arts community. I approached 15 arts organisations asking for supplies needed – hobs, pots, bowls, spoons- and they provided everything needed to cook and serve (and clean up after) the soup. The members of the community brought the vegetables, oil, spices, and side dishes. We all feasted together.

Nail Soup redux was my second reenactment performance. I made cardboard replicas of the original props for the performance. I wanted to explore the idea of art community, how that can change within a gallery setting, and what can be lost and gained within various spheres. I was not present at this reenactment, as my immigration status would not allow me to stay in the UK. I was supported culturally by the art community I found when I moved to Scotland, but without the support of government policies, I had to leave. The final work I made in Scotland, developed during Hospitalfield Arts Graduate Residency 2014, had a tiered price offered at various visa values. In the end it didn’t sell and was thrown into a skip. Se la vie, time continues, but how does this increased immigration reform effect the vibrance and diversity of the Scottish art scene?


Onion Procession


As part of the RSA:New Contemporaries I organized The Onion Procession for March 11, 2014. It is a continuation of my research into new forms of performance documentation. For the exhibition I presented seven new sculptures that were reliquaries of performances done while studying at DJCAD. The procession is part of reliquary tradition – we brought out the Onion Cellar sculpture and reenacted the original performance in the Princes Street Gardens. The reenactment included readings from two witnesses,  Mary Beth Quigley and Beth Savage. The reenactment was an imagined idea of what people would believe happened if only seeing the reliquary sculpture. In the original performance people came together to cut onions and cry. The re-enactment brought people together, this time watching me as I chopped onions and then consumed a bulb. We came back to the gallery and I read from the Onion Cellar chapter in Gunter Grass’ The Tin Drum. The audience was then invited to explore the entirety of the exhibition.

Here are some images from the event:



The Procession.


Marybeth Quigley as witness.




Beth Savage as witness.



Reading from the chapter Onion Cellar in Gunter Grass’ novel The Tin Drum.

2Day Gallery (All the rest)

Here as promised (if a bit later than expected…) are images from the rest of 2Day Gallery. It was so great to work with all these artists and see what they would do with their time.

Beth Savage performed ‘Captivity’ May 14 and 15. The text presented on the first day was relating to the story of Icarus. Beth fashioned a newspaper wing on the second day while held captive in the Gallery.




Jonathan Brodsky’s ‘Options’ transformed the gallery into on interactive game on May 16 and 17. This was fun and very open to interpretation.




Gayle Miekle presented 04/14, one in a series of 14 digital ‘prints’, created whilst in residency in Bergen, Norway. You can view the entire series at



Justin Hopper and Lucy Greeves shared ‘The High Wood (Part 1)’ an audio piece exploring the landscapes of the First World War’s Western Front using newly written and archival texts.



Claire Briegel and Tara Chaloner were resident artists on May 22 and 23. Their ‘For Want of an Information Place’ gave the Bureau of Exchange a place in the DJCAD Degree Show from which to consider the (essential?) conditions of leisure, appreciation and familiarity in the wider Dundee city context.





The last weekend was quite emotional for all of us preparing to Graduate. NOW NOW was formed by a group of students that graduated from DOJ in 2008. 5 years later and it was time for a reunion, and a party (of course). Don’t forget – there IS life after art school.




What a blast! Thanks to all of the artists that put work (and play) into 2Day Gallery. I am working on a publication about 2Day now – stay tuned for more details. Also a big thank you to all who came to see the many fabulous degree show exhibitions this year.

2Day Gallery (7 days in)

A week in and so much has already happened. Why in the world did I want to put together a gallery? Didn’t I know how exhausted I would be after hand-in on Monday? Ahh well, since when has logic ruled me? I am so pleased – such a talented group of artists are part of this – I couldn’t have asked for more.

But I digress….

Here are the images from the pamphlet:

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 3.56.43 PM

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 3.58.40 PM

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 3.57.07 PM

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 3.56.54 PM



Here are same images from the artists so far.

The initial installation was by Holly Keasey, who is linked to the space by her river stones which were in residence for 2 years. In the spirit of her work as a water tourist, she took on a 2 day water fast.Her piece is titled Collection and Time: Beginning with a Wander…a Text Will Follow.

2Day - 01

Here is Mary Beth Quigley drinking some of the proffered water:

2Day - 04

Alexander Aitken did a 2 day performance titled The Hypocrisy of Being (1 is better, more is better) Here are some images.
Day One:

2Day - 06

2Day - 11

2Day - 12


Day Two:

2Day - 14

2Day - 19

2Day - 17

Katie Reid brought items from some previous exhibitions, including her DJCAD degree show, to play with a new installation in the space. Her untitled (restructured play 2Day) brought the gallery into its first weekend.

2Day - 23

2Day - 22

2Day - 25

2Day - 24

And the fourth artist is James Bell whose Proposal for a Site-specific Work is now adorning the outer door.

2Day - 26

2Day - 27

There are still many more artists to come for 2Day Gallery. Beth Savage will be performing Captivity on May 15th. Jonathan Brodsky will have his Options on display during the Degree Show opening night. There will be a video of Gayle Meikle’s and an audio piece by Justin Hopper and Lucy Greeves. Claire Briegel and Tara Chaloner will be performing their For Want of an Information Point. Now Now will close the gallery with Reunion. I will update with pictures of these soon to be occurrences. Until then, your best bet is to show up in the flesh.


Fun With Silkscreens

I am Morgan Cahn and my piece in Printed Matter is called ‘Flange’. To go along with the exhibition I have made a pamphlet to share a few experimental silkscreen processes I have been playing with. Below are the images in order. There will also be printed copies given away at the preview tomorrow. Hope to see you there.






38 is a charm.

38 artists made work for the 2013 Fun A Day Dundee. We did it! Another successful year – Thanks to everyone who came out for our one-night-only exhibit/celebration. If you missed it, or just want to think fondly over some photos, here you go:

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Consider a Bard

A lovely account of a recent performance with Beth Savage. Thanks to her for the post: Click

Satellite Zine Summer Launch

Thursday August 23, 2012: a party to launch the Summer issue of the Satellite Zine. There were zines, snacks, good company, and plenty of art.

The festivities were in TBA at DJCAD as a last hurrah in the studio space I transformed over the summer. I put up a series of before and after photographs of the space, gave tours showing the reclaimed sinks, low-fi printmaking set-up, and various installations.

I continued my Me(a)nder performance by mending some shirts and cardigans. Ruth Aitken and Sylvia Law also generously mended my own holey shirt. I want to say thank you for everyone who came.

Zines and Ancient Norse

I made it to HMC today and, though a bit messily, managed to insert some toner into the cartridge. I printed off the other pages of my zine. It is not completely finished (and should not be confused with the next Satellite issue which is still open for submissions until July 27). I changed around the hub wall to show off my new and inadvertent ink drawings.

After I finished at the HMC I went to Tayside Recyclers to move the last remnants of the Iceberg. You may not recognize it.

Tonight was a performance, at Generator Projects, “Ancient Norse is not a Luxury” by James Lee and Emilia Giudicelli. More info can be found Here and Here