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Water is one of my favorite molecules. In its frozen form it is ice. Sometimes it melts back into water. These projects are some ways that I think about and explore our climate change.

With ‘The Iceberg’ I used upholstery foam that was being thrown away. I added cardboard with silkscreen prints and paper mache to make a warm and inviting interior. I screened the BBC program ‘The Frozen Planet’.

During the Performing Worlds festival I installed The Iceberg in the Tayside Recyclers next to the iceboxes. I installed the ‘Ghost Iceberg’ at the Tempest finale party for the festival.

‘1,000 years in the making, a part of Antarctica’ was made from ice that I was given at an event marking the 100th anniversary of Captain Scott’s death and celebrating the scientific legacy of his expeditions to the Antarctic. The lecture was ‘Science in the Antarctic – Monitoring Our Planet’ by Dr Robert Mulvaney. I was impressed by the incredibly long journey which that small bit of ice had taken. And then it melted.