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An Ode to the Orange Kitties – new zine


I have a new zine. It is the first as part of my new project. I’m making a new zine every month. I’m also reviewing a zine from my collection every month. Where this will lead I am not entirely sure – but I’m interested in how zine culture promotes people sharing their stories – stories that are underrepresented in mainstream history.

Here is the .pdf of the zine so you can give it a read: Zine

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If you’d like to buy a physical copy of the zine my etsy is here:

Fun With Silkscreens

I am Morgan Cahn and my piece in Printed Matter is called ‘Flange’. To go along with the exhibition I have made a pamphlet to share a few experimental silkscreen processes I have been playing with. Below are the images in order. There will also be printed copies given away at the preview tomorrow. Hope to see you there.






Satellite Zine Summer Launch

Thursday August 23, 2012: a party to launch the Summer issue of the Satellite Zine. There were zines, snacks, good company, and plenty of art.

The festivities were in TBA at DJCAD as a last hurrah in the studio space I transformed over the summer. I put up a series of before and after photographs of the space, gave tours showing the reclaimed sinks, low-fi printmaking set-up, and various installations.

I continued my Me(a)nder performance by mending some shirts and cardigans. Ruth Aitken and Sylvia Law also generously mended my own holey shirt. I want to say thank you for everyone who came.

Zines and Ancient Norse

I made it to HMC today and, though a bit messily, managed to insert some toner into the cartridge. I printed off the other pages of my zine. It is not completely finished (and should not be confused with the next Satellite issue which is still open for submissions until July 27). I changed around the hub wall to show off my new and inadvertent ink drawings.

After I finished at the HMC I went to Tayside Recyclers to move the last remnants of the Iceberg. You may not recognize it.

Tonight was a performance, at Generator Projects, “Ancient Norse is not a Luxury” by James Lee and Emilia Giudicelli. More info can be found Here and Here

Two pages

That is how much of my zine I finished photocopying before running out of ink. I am going to (hopefully) fix this tomorrow. If you want to visit come by between 10 and noon and I will be there. I will make you tea.

I did get tons done today, despite the technical difficulties. I visited Theresa Lynn’s project from the festival: What Has It Got in Its Pockets. It is in the foyer of the Wellgate Library.

Sneak peak zine page:

Tomorrow I will attempt to inject ink into a machine. Wish me luck…